Who We Are and What We Do

The Western Park Gazette is a monthly publication designed to keep West Leicester's residents up to date with local events, stories and opinions that affect them.

Since the launch, the Gazette has increased in circulation to just over 10,000 copies a month and now includes most of Westcotes, the Fosse and Blackbird Road area.

Contributors are all based within the area and many are working journalist, broadcasters or experts in their chosen fields including Leicester's former Lord Mayor, who regularly puts pen to paper.

We are all connected to the area and understand our readership. The aim is to support our vibrant local community and businesses to help make West Leicester an even better and more prosperous place to live.

 If you're in business, why not give us a try!

The Western Park Gazette is a locally produced glossy Colour monthly publication originally aimed at the highly desirable area of Western Park in Leicester with a ABC1/2 readership target. This is still our core area but we have expanded to include the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Currently over 10,000 copies are delivered free to homes and businesses between Imperial Avenue and Blackbird Road and from the Park Rise Estate across to Fosse Road including the Tudor Roadm Woodgate and Buckminster Road area.   Extra copies are deposited at bars, restaurants and clubs in and around our footprint.

Our main target are owner occupiers and businesses within our footprint. We do not deliver to most flats, bedsits, social housing, empty properties or dwellings clearly not wishing to be leafleted.

We don't overload the Gazette with advertising, so your business will not be overshadowed or disappear in a pile of other adverts.

We try to make your advertising unique and as eye-catching as possible to get your message across.

Western Park, Westcotes and the Buckminster Road area is a predominantly affluent, home owner area, with a high disposable income, consisting of mostly semi-detached and detached properties, ranging in price from 140,000 to 500,000.

Other parts of Westcotes, Tudor Road, Woodgate, Newfoundpool are mostly terraced housing with a higher proportion of rented accommodation and a smaller long term home owning population. These areas are still popular with first time buyers and those looking for investment properties.

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