December Police Update

We have recently received a number of reports about a rogue window cleaner in the West Leicester. The types of reports include victims being charged more than they were first quoted; work being carried out without the victim?s permission, and victims being charged extra for additional work completed without their permission. We have arrested a male in relation to two of these complaints. We would encourage residents and businesses to use professional window cleaners rather than door to door canvassers. If anyone notices anything suspicious or experiences intimidating behavior please call us to report this. Victims can also seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau in relation to trading standards.

We have received reports of anti-social behavior, including drug dealing, rowdy and inconsiderate behavior on Kate Street. This is around the residential premises and the linking pathways. On 1st December local officers held a community meeting to discuss the issues at the Fosse Neighbourhood Centre and both uniform and plain clothes patrols have been directed to the area. A patch walk with multi-agencies, including the Dedicated Neighbourhood Team, housing, local counsellors and representatives of Leicester City Council took place a day later.

 As the festive season approaches, there are a number of campaigns running in order to assist with living and celebrations. From a crime prevention perspective, I refer again to the Darker Nights campaign and encourage you to keep doors and windows locked secured; ensure that keys are removed from the locks of doors; keep presents hidden and out of sight; and please keep a light on inside your home to give the appearance the house is occupied. Don't leave anything on show in your car, even with a locked vehicle, a thief can smash a window and be in and out within seconds.

The annual crackdown on Christmas drink and drugs driving has begun with increased patrols across the city. If you are out and about driving, then please do not put your life or other people's lives at risk! Avoid The Fatal Four:

1. Alchohol and drugs will impair your driving, so never drink or take drugs and drive.

2. Phones: Your reaction times are reduced if you use a mobile phone while driving. Switch it off before you drive.

3. Watch your speed: A few extra mph can make all the difference to your reaction and braking distances; so slow down!

4. Wearing a seat-belt: No matter how short your journey, always wear a seat belt. Doing so cuts the chance of being killed in a crash by up to 50%.

Sgt Mike Hooper