The Faaabulous Ceri Dupree Show Review

The Faaabulous Ceri Dupree Show

Review by: Paul Towers, 01 February 2017

Written and performed by Ceri Dupree

Curve Studio 1 ? 4th February


'the costumes are more lavish, the patter is even filthier'


Ceri Dupree has been a regular visitor to Leicester for many years, first at the now defunct Stardust Club, then The Haymarket Theatre in Hot Stuff and his solo show and now he is an annual fixture on the Curve programme.

I last saw him in 2008 and I am happy to say that nearly 10 years on, the costumes are more lavish, the patter is even filthier and his singing voice is even better. This is not a show for the easily offended and can be best described as Danny La Rue in Blackpool but much more adult. In fact, a couple of times I did wonder if he had misjudged the material. But the audience seemed well up for it.

Ceri DupreeThe set was a beautifully sparkly concoction of twinkling pillars and a large screen which, in the first half was a projection screen, while in the second half it was his trademark lightbox so we could watch the character transformations in silhouette. And it is the multiple costume changes which make Ceri's show so eye catching.

The first half opened with him doing a nice segment of standup before he disappeared behind the screen to change into Shirley Bassey, Gladys Pugh, Dorothy Squires and finally Mary Hopkins. His Bassey, singing an original parody of some of her memorable songs, was one of the strongest impersonations. No surprise really as they both hail from Cardiff. While some of the younger audience members will have had no idea who Dorothy Squires was, those of us that remembered her appreciated the affection mickey-take. The Gladys Pugh was where I thought some of the 'gags' veered towards the tasteless.

The second half opened with, once again, a standup segment before launching into an array of  costume changes, some for just a single song, others for larger routines. Zsa Zsa Gabor was swiftly followed by Dame Edna, Joan Rivers (again verging on the tasteless, but then that is Ms Rivers' USP), Dolly Parton, Lady GaGa (an hilarious OTT costume as befits the chameleon of song), an astonishing looking Cher, Tina Turner (spot on vocals and dancing) and an unbelievable Bjork (the routine and costume are out of this world).

The Ceri Dupree show is on until Saturday but is almost sold out so ring the box office for returns.


Paul Towers