Feb Police Update

A very busy start to the year and as we moved into February this appears to be a continuing trend.

As you may have seen in the press, the Leicestershire Police Federation are highlighting the demand currently being placed on the police. We, as the West Leicester Neighbourhood Police Area, will continue to provide our residents with the best service that we can. However, please appreciate that we work shifts and that your specific Dedicated Neighbourhood Officer may not always be on duty. In an emergency contact 999, for live less urgent incidents or to pass on a message use 101. You can access an officer's voicemail and leave them a message if you know their collar number.

Incidents of note include a recent successful drugs warrant at St. Clement's Court flats on Comet Close at the top of Stephenson's Drive on Monday 9th January. Following reports of drug dealing from the flats, we conducted a raid and three males were detained, two of which were subsequently arrested and are currently on bail. We continue to monitor the area with patrols and visits. We encourage anyone with information to contact us.

In response to an emerging burglary series, we increased patrols around Wyngate Drive, Petworth Drive and Henley Road. As a result a person we suspect to be responsible was spotted and caught fleeing the scene of a recent burglary in possession of property from the targeted home. He has been charged and remanded into custody. Since the arrest there have had no further burglaries in this area.

As our communities diversify, we have had to adapt to accommodate residents from different countries and cultures. We are currently hosting a Senior officer from Romania, with the equivalent rank of Superintendent, who has been out on the area with PS 1743 Cramp from Hinckley Road Police Station, where they have been visiting numerous key sites to engage with the relevant communities. This has improved our engagement and information gathering in order to progress how we work with these hard to reach individuals. We would like to work with people from all countries and backgrounds; and so I would ask if you would be interested in helping us that you look at our  ?Volunteers in Policing? schemes, on the police website. One such example is applying to join the Special Constabulary who have the same powers as a regular police officer but devote their spare time to complete voluntary work for the police. We have found officers from different backgrounds can help engage with their communities as representatives of the police.

Sgt Mike Hooper