Champions of Magic Reviewed

Champions of Magic

Curve Leicester: 10 April 2017 and touring

Review by: Paul Towers, 10 April 2017

'a wonderfully entertaining evening suitable for the entire family'

I grew up watching magic shows on the television. From the black and white of David Nixon to the full colour of Paul Daniels to Derren Brown, I have been mesmerised by their tricks and illusions. Strangely I have never got round to seeing a full, professional magic show on a stage. Sure I have seen a couple in pubs, namely the gloriously named Fay Presto back in the 80's when she came and did a few tricks at a pub I ran in South London, but never in a proper theatre.

Champions of MagicSo it was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that I turned out to Curve to see the Champions of Magic touring show. This is a nice mix of styles of illusionists providing a varied evening of entertainment for all tastes. The sell out crowd were certainly well pleased.

The evening started off with a beautifully choreographed dove routine from the young but very talented Edward Hilsum. Looking as though he is barely out of short trousers, this is a mature talent that never puts a foot wrong. While some may say he is short on patter his immaculate moves and sleight of hand more than compensates

Next onto the vast stage of Curve's main auditorium was the mistress of close-up magic and patter, Fay Presto, with some very intimate magic which worked very well.

By way of a change Alex McAleer, channeling Derren Brown but without the tics, proceeded to mesmerise us by reading minds and generally messing with our heads.

After the interval he was back playing even more games with the audience before getting Fay Presto back for some charming interaction with children in the audience. This was followed by Edward Hilsum with another exquisite piece of deliberate close-up manipulation.

Finally we had the chaotic and manic world of Young & Strange, a pair of strange (and young) magicians specialising in the larger illusions with an anarchic twist.

Altogether this was a wonderfully entertaining evening suitable for the entire family, as was evident by the sizeable number of youngsters enjoying an Easter treat.

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