April Police Update

With core crime such as the numbers of burglaries and robberies remaining at a low, March was still a busy month on the West Leicester NPA area; with a lot of good work being completed by officers.

One example was plain clothes officers from the Burglary Team operating near Henley Road spotted a male acting suspiciously near a property. Help was called in from the Fosse Ward and Road Policing Teams. The male was stopped and initially gave false details. However, if you're planning to try pull off this plan, it doesn't help if you have your own name tattooed onto your hand; which unfortunately for him I spotted. On checking his correct details, it turned out he was wanted for attempting to snatch a handbag on Western Boulevard and attempting to break into a house in 2016. We swiftly arrested him and took him for our investigation teams to have a recorded chat!

We had also received a number of anonymous letters from a concerned member of the public about a cannabis grow at an address on Glenfield Road. With excellent timing, we managed to attend the location as the grow was due for cropping; someone is going to be out of pocket! 

The property was split into multi-occupancy flats, all of which had been stripped out and there were seven rooms filled with cannabis plants. Due to the electrical risk, we called Western Power to come to the address, who secured the supply to the property. It appeared that the growers were running a significant amount of electricity through a fuse of insufficient capacity, making the risk of fire damage highly likely. This adds to the relief that we found this cannabis grow when we did as, in a row of terraced property like this, the result could have been catastrophic. Therefore, if you have any suspicions about cannabis being grown at locations then please contact us; you could save a life.

Finally, we received a report of a road traffic collision on Mostyn Street, near to the Just-E-Bikes shop on Hinckley Road and that the individuals involved had run off. A dog unit attended and attempted to track the individuals to no avail. However, on subsequent checks of CCTV by the owner the next day, it appears that the vehicle had been driven into the shop repeatedly; indicating that the collision had been deliberate and that the individuals involved were trying to ram raid the shop.

A crime report has been created and is under investigation. If anyone has any further information in relation to this, then please contact 101 and quote reference number 17000118062

Sgt. Mike Hooper