August Police Update

We are well into the summer months which is one of the busiest time of the year for us!

During the holidays children are often out of the house playing on their bikes.  So I ask drivers to be especially careful to look out for cyclists and for parents to ensure that your children ride considerately and wear a cycle helmet. 

Officers have been taking to the road this month as part of our 'Safe Pass' campaign to monitor dangerous overtaking of cyclists and take action against those taking undue risks.  These actions will continue.

We also see an increase in antisocial behaviour during the summer holidays.  Many of these issues are committed in the spur of the moment, without considering the consequences or the effect they might have on other people.  So I ask all readers and their children to enjoy the summer but please remember to be respectful and tolerant of others.  Again our patrols will target areas of anti-social behaviour.

Two men aged 20  and 32 were arrested on suspicion of affray and later released, pending further enquiries, following a brawl in Narborough Road on July 14th. Police were called to a report of a group of men fighting in the Street near Winchester Road. Two people were injured, one with a puncture wound, and later released form hospital following treatment. Investigations are on-going and we encourage anyone with dashcam footage to call 101 quoting incident number *571 on 14th July.

We have seen an increase in thefts from vehicles and shed break-in's which tools have been taken.  Police action in the Golf Course Lane area of Leicester on Thursday 6 July led to five men, a youth and two women being arrested on suspicion of theft offences. A number of vehicles have been recovered from the location along with a quantity of power tools which are suspected to be stolen. We would ask anyone who has had tools stolen and hasn't contacted police to do so.  Any information you have such as serial numbers will help us reunite stolen property with its rightful owner.  Also please review security of your shed's and garages and do not leave any tools in your van overnight. 

You can next meet your local officers on August 10th 1-2.30pm at The Fosse Recreation Ground.  We will be partnering with the Local Council Parks Officers at their 'Meet your Parks officers' events over the school holidays.  There will be stalls and presentations. 

Please search  and visit the Fosse, Westcotes, New Parks & Riverside local pages for details of more events in the coming month.

Sgt Mark Brennan