Sept Knott's Landing

Hot tubs are in. They are hot. They are frothing with potential. It seems as if everywhere you go there is an advert for a tub of bubbly goodness. You can watch the cinema sitting in a hot tub, every holiday cottage worth its salt comes with a hot tub, you can rent them for kids parties and you can even buy one yourself from Tesco. That?s what I did.

It arrived in a giant cardboard box that had to be hauled in on a trolley it weighed so much and it changed my life! Seriously. It took a couple of hours to fill and then a couple of days to heat up to temperature but after that, nothing was ever the same again.

Had a rough day? Get in the hot tub. Kids being a pain? Get in the hot tub. Mother in law harassing you? Get in the hot tub. It is the answer to everything. The minute you step into the warm water it?s like entering a womb, a safe place where the world can't get you. Turn on the light and soft colours will engulf you and turn it into a disco pool. Turn on the bubbles and every bit of tension will be swooshed out of you. Can you tell I like my hot tub?

I did have some environmental concerns? Yes. It's weird to have a bath outside and it costs money to keep it heated but as there are no geothermal pools nearby for me to use. I'm going to have to suck up the environmental cost and offset my carbon somehow. Once I climbed in to the warm water I was sold. The night I lay in the pool watching the meteor show above my head, well let's say I never looked back.

It's not just me either, my pool has been full of kids all summer. They come and sit like tiny Gods in the warm water and shriek loudly when the bubbles start. Then they put on goggles and watch fascinated as the bubbles arrive around them.

The only downside is that we have to take the pool down for winter?.. We'll definitely be putting it up again next spring as soon as we can. Unless we?ve had a permanent one installed by then!

Helen Knott