Community Speed Watch

Inconsiderate parking during school pick-up times is a problem across the country. In Western Park it is a huge issue for residents around Letchworth Road and Glenfield Road. So much so, that a Traffic Action Group 'TAG? has been set up by residents to tackle the problem.

We knocked on front doors during March this year to ask for support for a proposed Community Speed Watch (CSW) project. More than 450 households signed to show their support and we heard many tales about peoples' experiences with speeding cars and anti-social driving behaviour. We submitted our application and then we heard in May that there wasn't any funding available for the CSW in this frustrating!

Letchworth-Speed-WatchThe TAG have been like a dog with a bone, we tried other avenues. We met with Lord Willy Bach, the Police and Crime Commissioner and described the local traffic speeding problems and he was very supportive saying he would investigate options. He is coming to visit the area in October, together with Sir Peter Soulsby, Liz Kendall, local Councillors, city council traffic team and local school representatives.

We are still keen to set up the Community Speed Watch programme - average traffic speed has increased bringing greater risks for pedestrians and residents. ...

Breaking news, we have just had an email confirming that the County have found a speed camera for our CSW group to use. Perhaps all those meetings are paying off!

The great news is the City Council have appointed a consultant to work on the 20mph scheme for our area....and the scheme will be implemented in the next financial year - 2018-2019. Consultation should begin in November. 

We have asked that this includes a 7.5T weight limit for lorries - of course apart from deliveries. Since the New Parks Way was closed for resurfacing in July the number of bigger lorries using Letchworth and Westfield as a cut-through has increased. We are optimistic that restricting the speed and reducing the big lorries will make this area much safer for residents, pedestrians and cyclists.

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Christine, Deborah, Sue and Celia