November Knott's Landing

I am suffering from coffee machine rage. Usually I both love and need a cup of coffee. Years as a media type have meant that unless I'm fully caffeinated there is no point talking to me. Whatever you say is going to slosh around in my mental junk file and if you are lucky I'll sort through it in a month. me when I'm two cups in and you have my full attention and ALL the skillz!

As a self defence mechanism, I have shifted my preference to tea so that the caffeine hit is not too strong but some days, only the roasted bean will do.

PerculatorWe have been through various incarnations of the coffee machine. There was the lengthy period when I bought a second hand Gaggia and we managed; then we moved on to grinding our own beans and a different coffee machine; now we are at the pod stage. This is where the rage comes in:  I try, in my own little way, to be a bit eco friendly but the pods are coming for me. They are made of either plastic or aluminium depending on your machine and NONE of them are recyclable locally because they are mixed materials. Metal or plastic film lid, damp coffee grinds and then a metal or plastic pot. Oh the posh ones, you can put in a bag and send off to the company that makes them for recycling..... although quite what that means no-one is clear; or you can bin them. I have nightmares about being buried under a pile of pods. Future generations finding my caffeinated husk screaming in horror as they cover me. I try to twist that round and have the CEO of Nespresso in the same position for his crimes against Mother Earth.

My coffee machine only makes coffee butI then found my Dad's machine makes milky coffee and he has to use two pods for each cup and my blood pressure went up again. I tweeted angry thoughts to the makers. They didn't respond. sat and had a cup of tea safe in the knowledge that it's all recyclable. Oh wait. They make tea bags with plastic now. It's an EU directive. All Saino's bags have it in. Bangs head against the wall and rummages wildly for cafetiere... Much muttering.

Helen Knott